Friday, May 16, 2014

How to Get Out Of A Ticket!

Have you ever gotten pulled over for speeding? Well if you have, you were probably given a ticket or if you’re lucky, a warning. If you get a ticket, you pay it and go on your way. If you get a warning, consider yourself lucky. You could try the “oh I really have to go to the bathroom” or the “My wife is pregnant and I need to tend to her.” As these may work, they are awfully risky and could get you in more trouble. Another method would be to get a radar detector. With this device, you can make sure you are aware when a cop is nearby. You can find a radar detector here. Anyways, today I am going to be sharing some simple ways to get out of a ticket. The following methods are very helpful and with these tricks, you will be speeding your way out of a ticket. Literally.

The first thing you should do if you get pulled over is check your surroundings. If it looks clear, then you have a better chance of escaping. Here is what you should do. Wait for the officer to walk up to your car. Listen to all the stuff he/she says. The moment they turn around to walk back to their car, floor it. You should get a good ten second head start. Then just drive to your house. By this point, you will be a good distance away from them. Once you get into your garage, you are home free. If you don’t have a garage, just drive your car into the side of your house. On a side note, that is a great and virtually free homemade garage!

Now that you escaped the ticket, you wont be able to drive the car anymore. The authorities will recognize the model and license plate. To solve this problem, there are two methods. One is to repaint it and get a fake license plate, or you could do the alternate method. The alternate method involves burning the car. To burn your car, grab some gasoline and poor it all over the car. You might want to drive the car to a remote location and do this. Then, pour a gasoline trail leading up to the car. Light it up and let the fun begin. About thirty seconds of burning will go by and then the car should explode. Make sure you are a good distance away. Then, you can use your backup car as your new car. That is how to get out of a ticket!
Here is an example of what the car should look like after it has been exploded
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