Friday, May 16, 2014

How to Get Out Of A Ticket!

Have you ever gotten pulled over for speeding? Well if you have, you were probably given a ticket or if you’re lucky, a warning. If you get a ticket, you pay it and go on your way. If you get a warning, consider yourself lucky. You could try the “oh I really have to go to the bathroom” or the “My wife is pregnant and I need to tend to her.” As these may work, they are awfully risky and could get you in more trouble. Another method would be to get a radar detector. With this device, you can make sure you are aware when a cop is nearby. You can find a radar detector here. Anyways, today I am going to be sharing some simple ways to get out of a ticket. The following methods are very helpful and with these tricks, you will be speeding your way out of a ticket. Literally.

The first thing you should do if you get pulled over is check your surroundings. If it looks clear, then you have a better chance of escaping. Here is what you should do. Wait for the officer to walk up to your car. Listen to all the stuff he/she says. The moment they turn around to walk back to their car, floor it. You should get a good ten second head start. Then just drive to your house. By this point, you will be a good distance away from them. Once you get into your garage, you are home free. If you don’t have a garage, just drive your car into the side of your house. On a side note, that is a great and virtually free homemade garage!

Now that you escaped the ticket, you wont be able to drive the car anymore. The authorities will recognize the model and license plate. To solve this problem, there are two methods. One is to repaint it and get a fake license plate, or you could do the alternate method. The alternate method involves burning the car. To burn your car, grab some gasoline and poor it all over the car. You might want to drive the car to a remote location and do this. Then, pour a gasoline trail leading up to the car. Light it up and let the fun begin. About thirty seconds of burning will go by and then the car should explode. Make sure you are a good distance away. Then, you can use your backup car as your new car. That is how to get out of a ticket!
Here is an example of what the car should look like after it has been exploded
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ultimate Life Hacks Part 6

Today I am going to share three life hacks that will enhance your daily life. Have you ever had a can of soda, but you want to put a straw in it? I know I have. Well when you put the straw in, it floats to the top. To fix this annoying problem, all you have to do is take the tab that opens the can and turn it sideways. Then, just insert your straw into the hole. There you have it, a simple life hack that uses the can itself.

The next life hack is another very useful trick. Have you ever gotten to that last sliver of soap, but you don’t want to throw it away? This has happened to me. To start, grab a new bar of soap and wet it down. You can find the best bars of soap hereThen take your sliver and get it wet as well. The final step is to take the bars of soap and attach the old one to the new one. Once it drys, you will have the sliver firmly attached and ready to be used. This is a great tip because it lets you get that last bit of soap without it slipping out of your hands or breaking.

The last life hack I will be sharing is great for a handyman, or a normal person. This life hack involves the use of a sticky note. Have you ever drilled a hole in a wall and had the dust fall all over the ground? This has happened to me. To fix this problem, just take a sticky note, attach it to the wall, and bend it upward. The sticky note should be placed right under the place you are going to drill the hole. The note will catch all the falling debris and save you some cleanup time. That it is!  
This picture shows the sticky note drill hack
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Journey to State Band

Today, I participated in a band competition for my schools band. This competition was known as the state band competition. You can read all about the state band competition here. To qualify for state band, first you have to go to a region competition. As the name states, this is a competition between all of the bands in our region. Starting a couple of months ago, we received three songs that would soon be performed at region and then state. We spent a long time practicing these songs and after a couple of months, we were ready to perform at our region competition.

To qualify for state, you need to receive a score of one. The scoring is a fairly simple concept. You have a one plus being the best and a five minus being the worst. The minus means you are half way between two scores, but you are just a tad closer to the score you received. The plus means you are super close to the score after the one you received, but you aren’t quite there. Anyways, on performance day, we arrived at the venue and started warming up by going through our daily exercise. Once it came time to perform, we got on stage and made sure everything was set up correctly. We then played through our songs. On the way home, we received our score. We received a one! We would go to state.

Today was the day that we got to perform at state. We headed to school at 7:45 and met in the band room. We got dressed in our band attire. Once we were ready, we left and arrived at the venue. There, we got ready and we were the first band to perform. We went through our warmup on the stage and then performed. We finished our songs and went outside shortly after to take pictures and put our instruments away. I thought that our performance was okay, but the performance at region was way better. On the way home, we got our results. We received a two. That is a pretty good score, but it could have been better. That is my story on state band competition which happened today.
This is a picture of a what a band at state typically looks like.
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Friday, April 25, 2014

How to Create the Perfect Fire

Have you ever wanted to build a fire? I know I have. Today I will share with you my knowledge about building fires. With a few simple building skills, you can transform that old bed or pile of wood into a blazing fire. before we get started, I am not responsible for any accidents that may occur. Time to find the inner builder in you. Lets begin!

The materials you will need: A saw (preferably a chainsaw), a  tree (or a giant log), spare wood, nails, a ladder, and a swing (optional, but fun for kids). You can find chainsaws here. Once you have gathered all these materials, you are ready to begin. You could use a giant log to build this as long as it is firmly planted in the ground. A tree gives it a more authentic look and the leaves make a bright plume of smoke. Step one: Build a platform around the tree with the trunk in the middle. Next, attach posts to the side with at least two cross beams attached to them. Then you create the railing. Once you have finished the railing, a ladder can be built up to the treehouse, you can use the ladder you used to build the treehouse, or you can use a rope ladder. Then you can add a rope swing to a branch if you like. The last step is to chop down the tree. Once the tree is cut down, pour a bunch of gasoline on it. Then throw a match on it. Dance around the fire in rejoice. Stare into the fire creepily. Be the fire.

There you have it! How to make a fire and dance around it like you are performing an ancient ritual. I am sure that you will be satisfied with the fire you have built. Heck, it might even get your house. Then you can have an even bigger fire. Anyways, you now know how to make a bonfire that will surely impress your friends. You could even roast some delicious marshmallows in this fire. Who knew a treehouse would make for such a great fire.
Here is a picture of the treehouse before it is burned.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Grill the Perfect Hotdog!

Are you tired of not having a place to barbecue those hotdogs you have been craving? Well this life hack will show you how to grill those hotdogs in just minutes. To get started, you will need:An iron, a source of electricity, and a barbecue. For an electrical source, I will be using a car battery since it is extra safe. You could use an outlet, but that isn’t portable and it is far more dangerous than the car battery. You can find a wide variety of irons here.

Step one: Take your iron and hook it up to your power source. Once that is done, use your spare barbecue as a stand and place the iron on top of it. You may need to attach the iron to the barbecue permanently because it may fall over. To do this, you can take superglue, and put on as much as possible. Then wash your hands because you probably got some on them. If you don’t get superglue on your hands when you use it, you have an extreme talent. Anyways, you are ready to grill.

The first thing you want to do is turn on your extra safe power source. Then turn on the iron. To get the iron extra hot, smother it in oil. Once it starts smoking, you can begin. To get the perfect cooked hotdogs, just watch until they are cooked to your taste. If you want to make a delicious chicken sandwich, take your hand and place it on top of the chicken while it is still cooking. Press on the chicken. Your hands may burn and you may be sent to the hospital. On the upside, while your waiting in the waiting room (you know how long it takes to see someone), you could eat that freshly made delicious chicken sandwich. This life hack has given me a new way to barbecue that I never would have thought of before. Remember, eat and grill responsibly. 
Here is an image of food cooking on an iron.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

How to Clean Your Laptop Screen With Ease!

Today I will be sharing one life hack that will save you a lot of time. Are you tired or cleaning your computer screen every week because it keeps getting dirty? I know I am tired of this annoying task. To solve this problem, you will need: HCl (Hydrochloric Acid), sandpaper, a bathtub, a towel, and a water source. Before we get started, I should mention that HCl is acidic and could cause minor skin burns or blind you if you get it in your eyes. You can find some safety details here. Just keep this small detail and everything should work fine. Lets Begin!

To start off, take your laptop or computer and place it in the middle of your bath tub. Next, Take your hydrochloric acid and pour it on the computer. Make sure the drain is blocked and the area is well ventilated. You should see that the computer starts smoking. This is all part of the process and it is okay. The smoke is all of the dirt and grime burning away. Once it has been in the tub for about ten minutes. Take what is left of your laptop/computer and remove the contents. Then drain the acid. Your pipes will dissolve but your laptop or computer will now be clean.

Place the contents in some water to remove any remaining acid. Then dry off the pieces with your towel. Next, all you need to do is reassemble your laptop and it will work just like new. You may notice that you don’t have certain components. This is okay. It all depends on how long you leave it in the acid and how strong the acid is. I also find it best to take that spare bathtub sitting in your garage and use this instead of your normal tub. This works better because you can use it outside that way you wont have to breathe in those awful chemicals. All that is left to do once your laptop is reassembled is turn it on. If it doesn’t turn on, I can’t help you. At least you will have a shiny screen, well at least what is left of it!
Here is a picture of Nitric acid and Hydrochloric acid. Nitric acid can be used but it is much more dangerous.
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Friday, March 28, 2014

The Tennis Ball Parking Aid

Today I will be sharing a life hack that will enhance your daily life. Have you ever driven into your garage too far and hit the back wall? Did you break through the wall again? Well luckily insurance will pay for it (hopefully). Anyways, this simple yet affective life hack can save you a lot of time and the hassle of a broken car or wall. The materials you will need: A tennis ball, superglue, a metal hook, and a ladder. You can get tennis balls here.

The first thing you need to do is drive your car into the perfect spot in garage, do not break through the wall. Then once it is positioned, take the ladder and from the side, tape a piece of truing to the roof. Make sure the string just barely rests on the windshield. Then cut the excess string. Next grab your tennis ball and tape it over, then put some superglue on it to make it extra secure. Since you used superglue, you probably got some on your hands. Make sure to wash it off fast before it drys. Next drive the car out of the garage and move the ladder over the hanging ball. Take a pencil and mark where it was hanging on the roof. Remove the tape and take the string and tie a knot on your metal hook. Take some superglue or screws and mount it back on the roof. There you have it!

Now you will never have to worry about hitting the wall again. Just drive into your garage like normal and when the ball rests on your windshield, you are done. Just exit the car making sure it is in park and get back to your day. I sure know this will come in handy. You can also change the color of the ball to add some style to your garage.

This image shows the tennis ball on a string as a parking aid.
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